.... and what we do

Our main karate school classes run Mondays to Thursdays, and we have a New Starters intake at the beginning of every school term. We run children's classes for ages 5 to around 7 (Little Dragons) and 7+ (Karate Kids).

We also run a fabulous Saturday Morning class for Pre-Schoolers; check out the Panda Tots tab for more information and to book.

Our aim is to build a child's confidence and self-esteem through achievement in Wado-Ryu karate and other self-defence techniques, in a fun and friendly atmosphere. We do this using by practising karate & self-defence activities, mixing in games that develop co-ordination, balance and quick reactions.

We also expand on the 'self-protection' aspect of karate by working with students on life skills; such as knowing your parent's phone number for the little ones, through to anti-bullying strategies for the older children.

Although the majority of our students are children, we also have a flourishing Adults class (for adults of all ages!), starting at 14yrs, with no upper age limit.

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Interested in why we do what we do? Checkout this interview with Sensei Mike, where he talks about what we do at Team Black Belt, and how everything he does, from curriculum to teaching & discipline style, is all rooted in developing confidence and ability in students of all ages. We've popped it on to YouTube for easy access, so if you'd like to find out more about who you're entrusting your children to, please take a listen..

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